Friday, December 20, 2013

Magazine article honors Xauían

My article, "Xauían and the Tiguex War," was published in the Jan/Feb issue of Native Peoples magazine as part of its series on Indian heroes of American history.
     The magazine promoted the article on its contents page, writing: "A Pueblo leader, Xauían, remains a virtually unknown hero centuries after he led the Indian resistance in the Tiguex War [of 1540-41], the first named war between Native Americans and Europeans."
     I wrote the article because Xauían deserves to be known among the great Indian leaders. Even many recent history books still don't refer to him by his real name of Xauían (pronounced Shah-WEE-on). Instead, many books still refer to him by the nickname used in Spanish chronicles of Juan Alemán, an incongruous name that translates to "John the German." That nickname was given to him because he resembled a German settler in Mexico.
     The article points out that Xauían is a major historical character in my novel, Winter of the Metal People.
     Write to me through the "contact" link on my author website if you'd like a free copy of the article.

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