Monday, September 30, 2019

Oh, my gosh — It's been more than a year

I've really neglected this blog on my fiction writings, but I have an excuse of sorts. I've been so busy with my nonfiction biography Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America, which was published recently by University of New Mexico Press.
     I've updated some of my older posts on this blog, and I'll try to be more active in posting items to the blog. The Esteban book is nonfiction, but almost all my other books as well as my short stories are fiction.
     The Esteban book is my first hardbound, so I feel like a real writer now. I won't be writing too much on this blog about it because this blog is supposed to focus on my fiction writing. However, I do maintain a website about the Esteban book and there is a special page on my author's website devoted to that book's own blog.
    Sorry for not being very conscientious about this blog.

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