Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Puebloan short story mysteries for today

In the menu at the left, I've added links to some of my short story mysteries featuring today's Puebloans.  
     Pueblo Mysteries is a collection of five stories. Clicking on that or any individual cover will take you to my author's website where that collection or individual short story is discussed. The individual e-short stories are 99 cents each. Other short stories are free on the website.
     The American Southwest is a land of mysterious allure with its scenic vistas of forests, deserts, and mountains, and its tri-cultural makeup of Hispanics, American Indians, and the mix of Caucasians, African-Americans, and Asians. I blend all of them together in my short stories.
     Even after nearly 500 years of being dominated by the Spaniards, then the Mexicans, and now the Americans, the Pueblo people of New Mexico still endure and guard the surviving aspects of their culture, language, religion, and way of life. They have fascinated me since I first encountered them in the state's 19 remaining Native villages. My historical novel Winter of the Metal People about the Coronado expedition's Tiguex War against the Puebloans is only the beginning of the known story of the Puebloans. The short stories bring you up to date with the thriving culture of the Pueblo people today. 

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