Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tiguex War presentation

I'll be giving a talk on America's first named Indian war — The Tiguex War nearly 500 years ago. The presentation is sponsored by Friends of Coronado Historic Site on March 17.
     Although the first Indian war in what is now the United States, the Tiguex War is certainly the least well known. Most people have never heard of it. Part of the reason is that the best-read accounts we have had for the past five centuries were written by 16th century Spanish conquistadors. They downplayed the war, resulting in historians focusing more on Coronado's chimerical trek across the Great Plains then on the atrocities committed along the Rio Grande.
     My talk will be keyed on the fact that, despite what our school history books have emphasized, America's recorded history did not start with Plymouth Rock. The Tiguex War predated the Pilgrims by 80 years.

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