Sunday, June 12, 2016

Another short story added to anthology

One great advantage to a self-published book is that you can continue to make changes and are not locked into having typos appear forever in your work.
     Pueblo Mysteries, my collection of short stories about Pueblo Indian culture and history, started out with only four short stories. Later I added a fifth, and now I've added a sixth. Also over the years, I've often corrected typos, improved the writing, and in the most recent edit I eliminated many unnecessary dialog tags.
     You don't have that kind of flexibility with a commercial publisher. Once a typo makes its way into a commercially published book, for example, it remains there until and if your publisher ever permits another edition. Even then, any edits you would like to see might not be allowed.
     My stories in Pueblo Mysteries, in the order they were written, are Hunting Season, An Unwilling Patient, The Ancestor, The Woman with a Rain Pot, To Steal What is Sacred, and now Shadows of a Lost Time.

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